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Friday, April 17, 2015


Once again we find ourselves almost ready to leave for the airport.

There was a time when I would stare at the jet trails in the sky, and wish it was me. Now, well, its a different story. 

We are in the planes making the jet trails. Not as frequently as some, but more than I want. 

There is just no other way to travel the world in a hurry. 

So we book tickets. The agent makes mistakes and then says it is up to us to check closer. We pay the extra money her mistake cost us. What can we do , this is a developing country and sometimes the PR is lacking. 

We find out how much luggage we are allowed. Of course it has changed, from 3 at 70lbs, to 3 at 50 lbs, to 2 at 50lbs. So we put away the oversize luggage, and buy totes. They weigh the least. 

Then we pack, re-pack, and okay, re-pack again. The breakable gifts have to be wrapped in clothing, the tea and coffee wrapped in plastic, and the pile of "Well, guess I really don't need that " gets higher. Meanwhile, all this last minute flurry is in a cramped guest house room. 

We realize a few things got left behind, a full days drive away. it will just have to stay there.  

The sweat pours off  , we stand on a bathroom scale holding a suitcase, while one of us peers under the case to see if we are on target. The hand held scale  broke last time we used it.  Eventually, with a little shifting, we are more or less on target. We pray the agent will be merciful regarding a few pounds. We say, "Okay, next time we are not taking stuff."  yeah right. 

We stay up late , as you can't book your seat  until 24 hours before you fly. So a late night flight means a late night seat booking, when what you really need is an early night's sleep! 

So, heading into an 8 hour flight, and a 12 hour layover, then a 9 hour flight, you hang around the guest house, napping? restless? rechecking that you have your passports, and ticket? wondering if you put in your pyjamas or left them with the sheets that went to the laundry. The day passes very slowly. 

Finally, its time to leave for the airport. A wild ride in a van through heavy traffic, three hours to wait to board, ( a requirement for international flights) and you are up, up and away! 

Making jet trails in the sky! 
Down below, a small child looks up, saying: 
" I wish it was me! "

Have a glamorous flight, wont'cha! 

PJ McNeal 

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  1. Mr and Mrs Livingston I presume! It would be much worse by Greyhound. Have a good flight. D